Some handy tips when camping

Some handy tips when camping

Here are some handy tips and tricks when camping

1: Forgot your tent stakes, or just don't have any?

Take the tent and sleeping bag covers, fill them with rocks and attach to the guylines. If there are no rocks, fill the bags with sand.

2: Keep your Ground Cloth dry

Tuck the edges of your ground cloth under your tent so water dripping off the rainfly won't collect and pool underneath. Or buy a footprint, a ground cloth made to fit the tent floor without extending beyond the fly.

3: Position your Grommets correctly

Most tents have 2 grommets at the corner stake-out tabs. Normally, the poles would fit comfortably in the outer grommets when you set up the tent. However, when wet, the tabs can stretch and allow the walls to droop. To restore the nice taut pitch, move the poles to the inner grommets.

4: Travel Light

Carry just the poles, fly and foot-print. This setup won't repel mosquitoes, but it's cool and airy. The space you save in your backpack will allow you to bring along that extra pair of binoculars.

5: Outsmart Mosquitoes

If there is a bit of a breeze, face your door into the wind. The mozzies will be hiding on the downwind side of the tent to keep from being blown away, so your clever scheme will prevent them from following you in and disturbing you while you sleep!

6: Dry it out.

Always dry out your tent before packing to prevent smelly mildew. It is possible to remove the smell of mold by soaking the tent in a tubful of water and some tent wash product and hanging it out of direct sunlight to dry completely.

7: Don't fold the tent back up in the same way it came out the cover

Each time you put your tent back in its stuff sack, fold it differently, or simply stuff it in. This helps prevent creases that can wear out the waterproof coatings.